Friday, June 29, 2012

Cooper Family Finish

Update: Another $125 in matching funds is available! That puts the matching challenge at $750. To meet the full match the Cooper Family Grant needs to be at $5,237. Right now, they have $4,810. We have just under 6 hours left in the matching challenge. Please, share with your friends and help this family finish strong!

The Finishers are at it, again! This time we're hoping to help finish the Cooper Family, today! We're really going to need your help. The Coopers are bringing home two beautiful little girls, Michelle and Felicia from Eastern Europe. Michelle has cerebral palsy and is almost completely blind, she has already been transferred to a mental institution. Felicia is 3 years old, has Cerebral Palsy and is in danger of being transferred to a mental institution. The Cooper family has stepped up. They are answering the call of God to care for the orphans. Felicia and Michelle are going to be their daughters. They've done tons of fundraising and now, they're close to being funded! They need our help.

The Coopers still need $2000 to be fully funded. That's not a lot! We can do this! The Finishers have a $625 matching challenge happening, right now for the Cooper Family. It ends tonight at midnight (EST). When we meet the challenge, they'll only need $750 more to be FULLY  FUNDED! Let's finish this today! Here's The Cooper Family Blog with more info about their need. They have already had $80 come in toward the match.

To take advantage of the match the Cooper Family grant needs to be at $5112. It's currently at $4567. You can go here to Reece's Rainbow and make a tax deductible donation into the Cooper family grant. Please, let's help this family bring home their girls. Here's who we're helping...



Share with your friends, give and pray! The Coopers only have a few weeks before they travel to pick up their girls. They need our help. Let's get this family funded!

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

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